Cold October

a Mikel J. Wisler short film

Behind the Scenes of "Cold October"

After the success of their short film, "Cellar Door," indie filmmakers Mikel J. Wisler and Andrew Gilbert set out to create a fast-paced film with more action and dialogue. "Cold October" was the result. Shot over two long weekends in October and November 2007, the film implemented the most camera setups of any production by Runaway Pen to date. On top of that, the production of "Cold October" utilized the most lighting equipment of any Wisler/Gilbert project so far.
                                Andrew Gilbert                                       Brittany Fried 

All of the cast members are people who have been involved with Runaway Pen film projects. In fact, leading actress, Brittany Fried, did the artwork featured in "Cellar Door" and played a supporting role in the 2005 Wisler sci-fi drama, "Ellie." In "Cold October" Brittany once again lent her art skills and created Henry's drawings as well as playing the role of Emily, a friend of Henry's who now is being stalked by someone. Moving from a small role in "Cellar Door" Matthew Eaton takes the lead in "Cold October" as a man fighting a sleep disorder that brings about hallucinations. Rachel Cottom ("Cellar Door" and "A Day Like Any Other") plays Emily's co-worker and friend, and co-writer and producer Andrew Gilbert plays the role of Henry's best friend.

                               Matthew Eaton                                        Rachel Cottom    

"Cold October" was shot entirely in HDV (High Definition Video) using the Sony HDR-FX1. The original shooting format was 1080i60, but the footage was converted to 1080p24 in post-production for that film frame rate and cadence using DV Film Maker. The filmmakers shot almost eight hours of HDV footage for the half hour film. The film was cut on Final Cut Studio 2, using Motion 3 for the special effects, and Color for the digital grading (color correction). 

Special Effects Test: